Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Year 6

Making and Tasting Chinese Food

Visit China - We made promotional videos and leaflets to encourage tourists to visit China

We are app planners - Presenting our ideas to a panel of judges

Welcome back.


This term we will be studying the country of China. 




Year 6 have been busy writing poetry in Welsh and poems using personification in English.Our writer of the week this week is Chloe please read her poem below.





Leaf - Poetry by Chloe

Hylo bawb yn blwyddyn 6!


What are we learning this term?

This Autumn Term is our history-based term, and we will be studying World War 1, The Great War, as it is the beginning of the Centenary commemorations of this very important time.


Our Class Novel this term is "Private Peaceful", written byMichael Morpurgo Michael Morpurgo. Click on the red to find out more about this fantastic author: Michael Morpurgo.


In Science we will be learning about forces, whilst in RE we will be looking at places of worship for the main faiths we study: Christiantiy, Judaism and Islam.  

First Aid Course


On Tuesday 9th December Year 6 did a three hour Emergency First Aid course with Kim and Kelly from the Outdoor Learning Centre. They made the learning a lot of fun, but we all learnt how serious it is to know what to do to help keep someone safe before the ambulances arrive, and how to make sure we keep safe as well. We learnt how to make an area safe, how to check for breathing and airways, how to put someone in the recovery position, how to do chest compressions and rescue breaths, how to bandage, and most importantly, how to telephone for an ambulance and give them all the information they need to reach someone who's ill or had an accident in as quick a time as possible. 

We were brilliant- we all listened sensibly and worked together well. And.......we all passed and got our certificates! Da iawn pawb!

Christmas Crafts in Year 6

Remembrance Poppies Art Work

Our Trip to Amelia Trust Farm Bunkhouse

On Weds 10th September we went to the Amelia Trust Farm to stay in the Bunkhouse and have a sleepover!

We had a great laugh - with a swim, afternoon tea, games, sports, a fabulous campfire and healthy pizza-making. The next morning we did pottery and cermic-painting before returning to school. We even managed 7 hours sleep!

It really helped us appreciate the importance of working together, friendship and team work  - what a great way to start the term!

Learning How to Research Life in World War 1 at Glamorgan Archives

We had a super time investigating Llandaff Cathedral,,,,,

Our Visit to Mini-Millbank and the Building Site!! September 2014

History Context.

We have been looking at a variety of issues with regards to WW1. This half term we have covered pre-war Wales, the reasons why WW1 started and Life in the Trenches. The issues have been complex and far-reaching with concentration on the mathematical; we have been doing map-based work, tables, conversions between units of measurement and the pupils have grasped all the issues and complexities on a brilliant level, successfully integrating numeracy and literacy elements seamlessly into a thorough and deep historical study. We have done work on the importance of sound historical enquiry (ask your children about 'John'), the complexities of why WW1 started (ask about 'MAINS' and see the pictures below if you want to know more) and have played games to consolidate our knowledge. On Monday 20th we tried foods that may have been eaten in the trenches - 'Trench Cake' being one of them. Although I didn't like it in the slightest Y6 seemed to enjoy it though not a single one of them guessed the ingredients (to be fair, if I hadn't have made it neither would I!). This led to some fabulous discussions on rationing. Well done Year Six, you are all fabulous historians! Very Proud!


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