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Year 2

Under the Sea!! Here is our Summer Newsletter

Here is our Spring Newsletter

We are Astronauts!! Year 2 enjoying using Scratch in the ICT learning zone

We loved sharing our favourite books with pur friends on World Book Day

Karaoke Shake, Rattle and Roll - Bill Haley & His Comets *

Don't forget to practice our Harvest Rock and Roll song


This term the children will be introduced to a selection of Big Books which will be used to develop and encourage all literacy skills. Activities set will be based on the objectives and the skills set out in the Foundation Phase Curriculum. This will ensure that each child will progress through their word, sentence and text level work at the appropriate level.  Phonic work will consolidate children’s knowledge of blends in the reading and spelling of words given.  They will continue to practise reading and spelling high frequency words and will be introduced to a selection of ‘tricky words’ that occur frequently in their reading and writing.

Activities this term will be based on our theme SUPERHEROES SUPERSTARS. These activities include

  • Talking and writing in response to stories
  • Lists and instructions
  • Letter formation
  • Spellings

All children will read to a teacher at least once a week.  Children will also take part in a focussed group reading activity on a weekly basis.  Children will be expected to bring their book bags into school each day, and should read at home in the evening frequently.



Throughout the school we follow the Abacus Maths Scheme. Pupils will be taught through practical activities and the use of workbooks. The topics include – money, paying for items up to £1, finding totals and giving change from multiples of 10p, using meters, half meters and centimetres to measure, mentally adding 10 or 20 to a given number up to 100. We will be following the Big Maths scheme and children will have a Big Maths test every Friday morning. Please help your child to learn the Learn it’s that will be sent home.




Our Foundation Phase context for learning for this term is ‘Superheroes, Superstars’. This context covers a wide range of areas of learning and will be very interesting and enjoyable for the children. We will be creating our own superheroes, using comic life on the iPad to create comic strips, looking at different materials and investigating which would be the best for a superhero cape. It is going to be a very fun term!


In the Foundation Phase we love hands on learning and this context offers lots of fantastic opportunities for this. We encourage any support from parents. This can be as simple as bringing a favourite superhero story into school, using puppets or role play to act out their favourite comic tale,  sharing with your child a favourite superhero story.



Incidental greetings and commands will be used throughout the day in both classes. Throughout the school we also have ‘phrase of the week.’ This term we will learning to ask each other how we are and be able to answer with different illnesses/ailments.



Children will learn about the keyboard and the mouse and how to use them.  They will also be introduced to word processing. The computer will be on throughout the day and children will be given the opportunity throughout the week to use a range of programs, cd roms and access the internet. We will be using apps on the iPad to support our letter formation (Hairy Letters) and to develop our letter sound recognition (Cambugs). We will also be using apps such as comic life, puppet pals to retell opur favourite and our own superhero stories.



PE will be taught by Coach on a Thursday morning. Kits should be brought in on THURSDAY (including trainers/shorts/ tracksuit for indoor and outdoor games).

Please ensure that no jewellery is worn to school on your child’s PE day.  If your child is unable to remove their own earrings they will not be able to participate due to ‘Health and Safety’ issues.



Music sessions will concentrate on developing children’s listening skills and the children

will be taking part in composing simple pieces of music using parts of their bodies and a

range of musical instruments.


General Information

Children in Year 2 will also be expected to bring their reading books into school each day. Please can you read to them and with them as this will be extremely beneficial for them.  When you have read with them could you please fill in the reading record booklets. Reading books will be given out next week once we have read with your child to ensure they are reading the appropriate level.


Homework project books have been given out and each week your child will have to create a fact sheet about anything that interests them beginning with the week’s letter.  These will be given out on a Thursday and collected every Wednesday.


Positive praise is of paramount importance so during the day classes pupils will be given stickers as a ‘Well Done’.  The children also have the opportunity of being awarded ‘Golden Time’ for good work, behaviour or being kind and helpful. This takes place on a Monday afternoon. Golden Time activities can include children having free choice of activities, whole class games or watching a video/programme of their choice.

Please do talk to us if you have any concerns or questions.  I am thrilled to be teaching this class again and I am looking seeing them progress and develop even further.