Millbank Primary School

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Road Safety Show

On Tuesday 15th Jan the whole school was treated to a fabulous, non-stop, action packed performance from the Gregory Brothers. There were some very important messages throughout the performance on Road safety and environmentalissues but making fools of the teachers was top of the agenda!

Poor Miss Clissold became a chauffeur and was told off for not wearing her seat belt! This is of course very important apartfrom being the law. Miss Gillard became an old lady and Mrs Meyrick an even older lady.

We were told the importance of wearing a cycle helmet and bright reflective clothing on our bicycles. and how to cross the road with Mr Jones the crossing patrol/lollipop man. The Gregory Brothers were helped by characters such as 'Eco Ellie' (a elephant who sang the 'recycle song') 'Gary Gosafe' was a dragon who also performed in the "Ding a ling" song about always wearing a helmet.

Many of the parents who go to the Families Learning together project had to wait for their children to see the performance so got treated to a free show too! Of course being such fun they joined in the spirit of things too!


Well done to our super photographer for the event for doing such a great job. As ever we encourage the pupils to take the photographs not only to encourage new skills and taking pride in seeing their work online, but because they do a better job than the staff!

The script and songs were written by the Gregory Brothers, Paul and Adrian Gregory. Alas we were not allowed to give you any snipits of video because of copyright, instead the children took home details of how to buy a CD of the songs. Its a shame as the children really enjoyed all of them and really got involved. Even the cynical year 6'sjoined in and had a great laugh. You can get a little sense of the fun the children had through the photos.

Everyone really enjoyed the performance so many thanks to all those involved.


The Really Rubbish campaign website like the Road Safety are really good regularly updated with relevant information. You can find lots of information on both.