Millbank Primary School

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Pudsey Says "Thank You"

The whole school was delighted to have a surprise visit from Pudsey Bear on the 7th July. Pudsey thanked us for our fundraising and told us to keep up the good work. Being a teddy he also had several cŵtch's from pupils and staff alike.

On the previous Friday lunchtime Class 5/Dosbarth Nye Bevan had taken part with lots of other schools in a record breaking bag pack attempt at shops across Wales. They went to our local Tesco Extra store at Culverhouse Cross and helped people pack their shopping bags in a short time had raised over a £100 for BBC's Children in Need.

The event was one of many organised by "HYBU Pobl Ifanc" which is a not for profit company that has been established "to promote, encourage and assist in the development of good citizenship and well being amongst children and young people." We all know that 1 in 3 of the children in the UK live below the poverty line and that we are not exactly the most affluent part of Cardiff, but the generosity of spirit and compassion has never been in short supply and the children willingly give what they can to help others.


We held our 2009 Children in Need on a Wednesday this year as the school council after doing some great work on promoting Children's Rights had been invited to the Senedd.