Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best



“On Friday 20th November 2009 the school council and Ambassadors all went to the Senedd in Cardiff Bay which is home to the National Assembly for Wales

We celebrated the 20th birthday of the UNCRC which stands for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We met many famous faces like Rhodri Morgan the First Minister for Wales and Kieth Towler the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, he makes sure that children’s views are taken into account and Jane Hut who is the Minister for Children & Education.
We had a look at some brilliant displays like ‘Clic’( a quarterly magazine offering information, news and advice for all young people aged 11-to-25 in Wales)Techniquest, Funky Dragon (The welsh assembly governments website for young people)

We picked up lots of books and literature including ‘Getting it Right’ the Welsh Assembly Governments plan to make us know about our rights and promote a positive image about Children. A great School Council’s pack with lots of ideas and Save the Children’s ‘Spice it up’ with lots of ideas and games to teach Children’s Rights.

Now Children and young people can explore what their rights are and how they affect them.

So know your rights and make sure you use them”

By Joe