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Croeso i'r Blwyddyn 6

Welcome to Blwyddyn 6's class page. This is your one stop place for all your Blwyddyn 6 information. This page is a place to celebrate and show off all that we do in our final year.

I'm Up to My Neck - Eco Topic - Dwr Cymru

We were visited by Dwr Cymru's Amanda on 11.1.2022. We were looking at how efficient we are with water and this lead to an activity where we had to be careful not to overfill our tank. A really great hands on experience that has made us think about our usage of water.

Our Evacuee Letters

Blwyddyn 6 started a topic about evacuees. We researched and looked at the period of time and even interview Miss Lippard's Grandfather about his experiences. We created some great videos using Adobe Sparks roleplaying as the children from Cardiff who were evacuated from the city. Watch some of our videos below:



Our Visit to Firing Line

Science Forces - Exploring Forces

We are exploring different forces in Blwyddyn 6. We have been particularly focused on the force of air resistance. We have testing out what kind of drag we cause when running with coats open, closed and with a bag. The parachute spinners show us how drag can slow down the descent by creating more drag. 

Parachute Spinners

Still image for this video

Well Being Apps and Services - Persuasive Writing

We have writing using persuasive language about technology towards the end of the first half term. We are aware of the positive and negatives that technology brings with it.


Using this knowledge, the children made their own wellbeing and mental health apps and services. The children had to pitch just like in Dragon's Den ensuring that they used persuasive language to get win!


Here are some of the apps the children created on Google Slides using hyperlink buttons. Click on the slide show button to use it like an app.



Dragon's Den Pitch Montage

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Has Technology Improved our lives?

Technology is all around us. In Blwyddyn 6, we have been considering the impact that this has on all of us. We have written persuasive essays detailing what we think and our position. Here are a couple of examples of what we have done: