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Hello and welcome to our photograph gallery for the academic year 2008-9.

The children have always wanted to share what they do with their family and friends via the website. We try and update the gallery every week with the newsletter. The photographs were taken by staff, parents and as you will see the children themselves. Detailed information and documents are on the main Remember if you have any pictures you want to share or comment you can contact us via e-mail or phone the school on 029 2056 25 95

The photographs are divided into Albums for classes and then into Clubs andEvents which include activities for more than one class. You can see our gallery for2007-82006-7 or 2005-6. Prior to that all our photographs are on our old website here which includes photos back to 2002.

Sadly the council lost our original and several other school's websites in Nov 2008 we are still trying to get them to put all the childrens work and photographs from 2001 - 2005 including the communities history page back online as soon as they can, but there may be many broken links and missing images until then.


We had our leavers Assembly with the special Millie Awards. Friday was Green Britain day and you can see some of our promises and ideas to help save the planet chalked on the playground. We also had pupils being invited to the opening of the New Tesco stores on Cowbridge Rd west

You can see photos of our Champion Football teams at the Ely festival. the Summer Fayre including the Final of Millbank's Got Talent is here and some shots of our Fitness Day as well as theQuest Seekers project running with at Ely Library over the summer. Millie learnt all about Armed Forces Day and we are all proud of the Girl Footballer of the Year award too. Mrs C Brown has shots of Dosbarth laura Ashley doing Applique and Shadow puppets

There are shots of the Tag Rugby TeamFirst Aid Club andNetball Club. We all enjoyed Sports Day. Class 1 gave us a lovely assembly, and you can also see them visit a working Farm. We have more pictures from the Barn for Year 6 and more in class 4. You can see the stamp launch pictures.

There are snaps ofthe Community Gardenevent at Glyn Derw, and of course Green Gang have a quick revision on compostingfrom the experts at Lamby Way. There are a few of the Pirates &Princesses day. Dosbarth Laura Ashley did some fun work making a giant tarantula sculpture out of old milk cartons. We have also added more photographs to Venture week and those of the butterflies emerging in dosbarth Dewi Sant.

The children took lots of snaps of the chicks and have put up the video of them hatching too. There are some snaps of the school council's visit to the High Sheriff at the Law Courts.Class 3's wonderful assembly about the weather is online, including a few videos of them singing and dancing. You can see some of thejuniors enjoying their Cycling Proficiency training.

There are some snaps of the eggs in the incubator and then hatching. Some photos ofventure week are online as well as more of Class 3 climbing at the barn, they also have some nice shots of the caterpillars.Class 2/dosbarth De wi Sant put theirassembly about Mexico on to parents. The photographs of the Bee assembly are online with Green Gang getting their awards.

You can see that the Interview club had a great time with the Chief Constable and exploring the police museumEnterprise week was fun with everyone learning about the world of finance and making lots of lovely craft items.There a few snaps of the dog warden visiting year 6. Year 3 have put up a few snaps of them rock climbing at Trelai Barn as well as some of their visit to Caerleon. Whilst Class 1 had put a few snaps of their day trip toBarry island and a visit to the woodland. well done to Green gang got third prize for their' Bee Friendly' wheelbarrow at the Cardiff Royal Horticultural Show.Year 6 visited Cardiff Bay with Mrs Lawrence and had a great time surveying the site and doing some designs for some great attractions.

A few snaps added in the Funky Friends club. The teachers had a Quiz as part of Red Nose Day and you can see the main Red Nose Day assembly with cake sales and lots of fab costumes. In the afternoon we interviewed the Children's commissioner for Wales Keith Towler.You can see Year 6 working with Mrs Lawrence on the history of TV's and watch as Digit Al came in with the TV crew from ITV Wales, the news article is here. Class Four mean while had some fun trying Caviar and making blinnis as they learnt a bit about Russia

There are some photos of our St David's Day celebrations, it was great to see so many children taking part. You can also see some of the children making 'Dewi the dragon' for their Eisteddfod display. There are some snaps of us enjoying theJugglestruck Road safety theatre.

We all had a lot of fun in the snow building our snowman. Miss Clissold took class one over the Park to have lots of fun in the snow and put up some other snaps of their small world projecttoo. Mrs Cleaver surprised us all by announcing 25 years service we quickly knocked up a card to say a huge thank you for being such an important part of the school. You can also see some of year 6 working on their St Davids Day dragon here.

You can see all the fun the infants had celebrating Chinese New Year. Camera Club got in the Echo with their interviewsand fab video skills. Year 6 actually took some pictures of their visit to the Crucial Crew. A few snaps of some of the clubs the ViolinBall skills and guitar clubs as well as the Funky Fun club

There are some pictures of Class 3 & 4 playing Rugby and having a great time too. They also have some photos and video of their interview of their MP Kevin Brennan and Echo News reporter Moira Sharkey.Camera Club took some pictures of their friends for the Echo and wrote down their new Years Resolution. Just a few snaps of the Carol Service at St Davids and the Christmas Assemblies. there are some of Class 2 taking photographs andmaking frames for them. Class Three have put up lots of pictures including their visit to Techniquest. The school Council and Dance Club have

There are a few snaps from when year 6 pupils visited the Regiment of Wales museum in Cardiff Castle to learn about Remembrance. Green Gangplanted the bulbs given to them by the Lord Mayor when some of dosbarth Anuerin bevan visited her at the Mansion House for afternoon tea

Everyone had such a great time on Wednesdaysspooky Fun day it was great to see so many taking part and some truly amazing and inventive costumes again. All the money raised gets to be used to plan even more fun activities and events for the classes. You can see some snaps from our children in need day, well done Mr Vaughan for braving the icy weather

There are some photos of reception looking at the caterpillars, eating our pumpkins. Also in the garden was the deputy Minister planting a tree in our telling us about Carbon Footprints. Class 2 had a great time learning about thetongue and taste. Derek tells us about the Harmonica and you can see our lovely Harvest festival Assembly, you can see how much the infants enjoy singing their songs by watching some of the videos too.

There are lots more photos in the ALBUMS BELOW