Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best


We have been lucky to have a fabulous trainee teacher Miss Hewling who is full of ideas and enthusiasm and had this great idea to teach us about healthy eating and our own culture by telling us all abour Cawl.

Cawl is a word in Welsh that means all types of soup or stew, but we use it in English to mean a special type of stew with potato, carrot, leek and normally lamb. All the ingredients that you can find in Wales.

Miss Hewling told us about the ingredients and how it was made. The whole class had a try of some lovely Cawl in the staffroom. We think its great to try new things, we all have different tastes, so we do not expect everyone to like it. Children can be fussy eaters but all the children tried it two said they liked some bits like the carrot, but the rest finished every last drop and even asked for more.