Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best


Peter and Catherine came in to tell us about their experiences of meeting people in the Third World whose lives have been transformed thanks to the benefits of Fairtrade andTraidcraft.

Whilst Catherine showed us the slides Peter and his dog Wesley told us a the stories about the people in the pictures. The people all worked hard and just wanted to be treated fairly and properly rewarded for that work. Money was also set aside to fund projects like building schools and housing, providing clean water etc.

Of particular interest is the promotion of sustainable farming by Fairtrade without lots of dangerous chemicals that wash down to affect other villages and wildlife downstream. But in school being treated fairly and treating others fairly is very important, and we would very much like the adults to do the same throughout the world, Fairtrade is a good way of doing that.

They showed us lots of different products that were made using materials that we would simply throw away. The children really like the rather pretty sandals made from old tyres, in our country they have often ended up in landfill or dumped on the side of the road. Imagine if we could apply the same ingenuity to tackle such problems of recycling in the UK.

Peter & Catherine had brought in a big bag of packets of tea bags to give to each pupils so they could take them home and chat to their parents about the benefits of fairtrade.

Afterwards Peter and Catherine came in to meet the Fairtrade Steering Group and answer their questions as well as give them lots of ideas about how to promote Fairtrade.

There are lots of great traidcraft items available in the catalogue that they left behind for parents to look at.

We all want to say a big Thank you to Peter and Catherine not just for coming in and telling us but for working so hard to help other people; what an inspiration to all of us.