Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Year 2

After learning about many fairy tale stories and completing a variety of different work, our class and the year 1 class were given the opportunity to go Mountain View Ranch. We enjoyed all the different activities such as meeting the animals, playing in the playground area with our friends and most of all, going on an adventure to find The Gruffalo.

We've been learning about the gingerbread man story by writing information text, annotating the gingerbread man in welsh and finally, we decided to make our own.

We were extremely excited about meeting some of the Cardiff City F.C players and getting their autographs.

We've been enjoying our new fancy dress shop area in our classroom. Not only are we dressing up but we're also using our numeracy skills to count money, our social skills to communicate with customers and developing our teamwork with friends.

Our trip to the Museum