Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best


A big part of their Children’s Rights work is obviously Article 12, all about being consulted on things that affect them. Some of the pupils have been taking part in work for the "Wales We want". This consultation was the "Independent Review of Assessment and the National Curriculum - Wales" by Professor Donaldson who "has been asked to review what is taught in schools and how it’s taught."

He said that “It is vital that I’m informed by the views of as many people in Wales as possible: teachers, academics, parents/carers, businesses, the wider community and, vitally, young people themselves. Everyone has a stake in the future and I want to be sure that all of your views are taken into account as I form my recommendations. I would therefore urge everyone to consider the questions in this call for evidence, either individually or as part of a group discussion.”

Like most consultations they had done a special children’s & young people’s version, alas we only found out about it the day it was due in Monday 30th, but we thought it important to have a go about such an important issue.