Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Class One


Hello - we are Millbank's Reception class.

We've been here for 6 months now and we have been learning so much, as well as havign so much fun. Our teacher is Miss Clissold, with Mrs Jones and Mrs Thomas here to help us as well. They are all fabulous-just like us!.

Miss Newing teaches us Music and Mrs Lawrence teaches us RE.

Our theme this term is "ALL AROUND THE WORLD" just click on the photo right to read what we are learning this term, and how you can help us achieve our full potential by working with us.

Our gallery page is here

You can see lots more photographs of us in the Events and Clubs page for example our visits to different restaurants to explore different countries such as the USA, Mexico, India andChina. We had great fun exploring these different cultures and sharing the experience with our classmates.

You can also see some snaps of our integrated afternoon with class one where we were doing different activities such as dancing or feeding the birds in the snow.You can see that we often take a lot of the photos ourselves.