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Funky Junk

On the 5 December the Infants had a really exciting performance from Timezones called "Funky Junk". The children had to help Bert save the planet by recycling all manner of goods. They use there existing knowledge of materials to think about whether products can be reused or recycled and what category the products go in. Is a cardboard a metal, glass, paper or plastic?

We have a small video clip about 7Mb(as a .wme or Windows media file) It is not great but will show you the fun the children had learning about recycling. Just click on the laptop to watch it.

Have a look at website like Recyclezone for lots of fun and follow up activities for you to enjoy

You can find out more at the Timezones website including some simple worksheets to download . They have visited the school on many occasions and always been great fun as well as really useful. You can see them in 2002 with class 4


Still image for this video