Millbank Primary School

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* Respect

Remembrance Day is a very important day in the school calender, the school has a long history and many of the pupils and staff have served in conflicts around the world in its 108 year history. Respect for ouselves and for others is at the core of what we do.


The children are really keen to buy and wear the poppy as a symbol of their respect for the sacrifices of our servicemen and help support those who suffer financially, mentally or physically through the Royal British Legion Charity. In the past the children have also worked to support the "Honour the Covenant" in which we thought the government should do more to supportthe needs of ex-servicemen rather than rely on charities to do it, and there has been some success on that.


You can see a bit about the schools history on this page when the children looked at the centenary of Paschendale.


Of course the last things that we do is to glorify war in fact the major lessons to be learnt are that wars and the suffering of our servicemen- are often unnecessary. It is important we try and promote understanding and tolerance and the children stand up to bullying and peer pressure and celebrate Peace and have the strength of character to stand up for what they believe in.