Millbank Primary School

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* Clean up the World

Friday 17th September was the start of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)'s CLEAN UP THE WORLD WEEKENDandsome pupils gave up part of their lunch hour to help tidy up their community. We might not be able to compete with the huge numbers taking part in events and activities all around the world, but like them, we showed that we care.

Again in the litter we collected there are lots of cans that we managed to recycle, but this time we found a lot more broken glass and 9 lots of dog poo. During past litter picks it has only been one or two bits of dog poo but it only takes one irresponsible dog owner to change that. As we tidied up a father and his baby child walked past and she could so easily have trodden in the mess, indeed we could have trodden back into school. The pupils in Green Gang said they would raise it at their next meeting and try and point out that it is illeagl.

Next week (20th - 26 September) it is Keep Wales Tidy Week,