Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs C Cooper - Headteacher. Child Protection Leader.

Miss C Francis - Deputy-Headteacher, ALNCO, SLT, DSP.

School Therapy Dog - Pebbles.

Mrs C Donovan - School Administrator


Mrs Z Penfold-Smith - Nursery Teacher

Mrs C Morgan - Nursery Teacher

Miss L Clissold- Reception Teacher


Miss A Llewellin - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs R John- Year 2 teacher


Miss A Nicolai- Year 2 teacher.



Mrs D Hamer- Year 3 Teacher.

Mr M Porch- Year 4 Teacher.


Mr B Blears - Year 5 Teacher, Mathematics and Numeracy Leader, SLT, DSP

Mr T Cross - Year 6 Teacher, Maths coordinator, SLT, DSP.

Mrs Thomas - HLTA

Teaching Assistants:

Miss Singh, Mrs Ashman, Miss Griffin, Miss Dyer, Mr Thomas, Miss Davies, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Suminski, Miss Hargadon, Mrs Garcia, Miss Stanton, Mrs Rowlands, Mrs Llewellin, Miss Lippard, Miss Howe, Mrs Hollyman-Brown, Mrs Wheddon, Miss S Yasmin.

Mr Dare - Caretaker