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* Chinese

As part of our 'AROUND THE WORLD' learning theme this term we visited the lovelyORIENTAL DINERChinese restaurant in Barry.

Whilst we careful not to waste any food we did encourage all the children to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and try new dishes. We looked at the different colours and combinations of tastes, the Sweet and Sour, ginger the lovely fried rice and noddles in Soy sauce. Some of us tried the crispy vegetable pancake rolls, others tried making a soft pancake roll with sliced cucumber spring onion and some crispy pork filling with sweet thick dark ho-sin sauce. What is your favourite dish?

Several of the children recognised the Chinese writing on the walls and pictures decorating the wall, earlier in the week they had all had a go at writing their names in Chinese, why don't you have a go?

We all tried different foods and looked at the many different dishes on offer. We all had a go at using chopsticks, some with greater success than others but the important thing is we did all try and next time we will do better.

We all had a go at taking pictures using the digital camera too.

The staff were very kind and helped us learn a great deal about Chinese culture, as we left they asked us if we knew what year it was? Mrs Clissold had told us the story about the animals racing and that this year it was the "Year of the Rabbit or Hare". The manager told us how to say a traditional Chinese New Year greeting "Kung Hei Fat Choi" or "Happiness and Prosperity"

They gave us lots of little gifts as we left, a balloon, a lollipop and a lovely little Chinese lucky charm/ornament as a memento of our visit. I certainly think that we will all remember this lovely little dinner for a long time. Thank you to the ORIENTAL DINER for being so kind and cooking such lovely food and a big thank you to Mrs Richards and Mrs Jones for organising and taking us on such a lovely tastey lesson!

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