Millbank Primary School

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Easter Raffle

Every year the mid day supervisors hold a special Easter Egg Raffle for the pupils to raise funds for play equipment for the children. Many of the eggs are donated by the mid day supervisors themselves and kind parents like Karen. We are so lucky to have such nice people helping the school.

As you can see there were lots of prizes This year we were delighted to receive two donations from our local team the Bluebirds (Cardiff City Football club) a shirt and two tickets for the next home match this caused quite a stir amongst the pupils who all seem to be fans. One of the pupils had run in a Marathon and had donated his Comic Relief prize for completing it so well done to Nathan what a nice thought.

There was lots of excitement some children had lots of tickets some had only one but they all get to play with the toys and games the money will buy so everyone is a winner really. Ironically the infants were organising their own Egg hunt whilst we were all in the hall.

Thanks to Claudia, Sam, and Georgia for taking these photographs and recording the event for us. Everyone really enjoyed the event so a big thank you to Mrs Cleaver and all those involved.

We hope you had a lovely Easter.