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Year 6 Blog


By Maddison


Today we learnt all about diaries!


We looked at Anne Frank's diary, we then read through some of it. Next we had to write our own diary. We had to write the date to tell us when it was and we put things in it like our birthday.



By Kacper and Kyle


Today we learnt all about science!


We looked at plants stems and how they work. We then drew a diagram of a flower to show how it works. Next we put some celery in a pot of food colouring to see if the dye would go all the way to the top through the stem.




By Georgia, Chloe and Ewan


Today we learnt all about volcanoes!


First we did a reading compriension, we read a text about Mount Vesuvius then we answered questions about the volcano.

Next we used longitude and latitude coordinates to find where the volcanoes were located on the world map.

Finally we had to research extinct and active volcanoes and plan a non chronological report about volcanoes in our draft books.