Millbank Primary School

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Mrs Warnock from Cardiff Road Safety Team helped by Mrs James has been coming in to teach the infant children how to cross the roads safely using a special called Kerbcraft.


Kerbcraft has been running in Cardiff for 10 years, it's a national Strategy for Child Pedestrian Safety Financed by the Welsh Government.


Kerbcraft teaches children aged from 5-7 how to be safer pedestrians by taking them onto real roads and showing them how the right decision-making and behaviour can really help them to keep safe. The children are taken out of school by trained volunteers, in groups of no more than three, to learn three main skills:


1. Choosing Safe Places and Routes to Cross the Road
Children are helped to recognise dangers and hazards and identify alternative crossing places.


2. Crossing Safely at Parked Cars
Children are taught how to use a safe strategy for crossing near parked cars - when avoiding
them is impossible.


3. Crossing Safely Near Junctions
Children are introduced to the problems of simple and complex junctions, and taught a strategy for looking systematically in all directions.


Each skill is practised at several different locations over a period of 6 weeks. Please ask your child about what they have learnt and encourage them. Remember that your child will be watching you when you cross the road so make sure you always cross the road in a safe manner.