Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Year 4

Welcome to Blwyddyn 4’s Page
This page will have pictures and videos of the activities we get up to in Blwyddyn 4 in Millbank. This is place to celebrate all the things that we do that are great!
Our Class Charter
We were very lucky to have a day with our new teacher. We made our class charter by collaborating on a Google Slides. Our charter is now up in our classroom. 
Origami Piano
We have been looking at instructions in our writing. The children created their own instructional videos like the ones they watch on youtube. Here are some examples of their work.

Origami Video 1

Still image for this video

Origami Video 2

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Origami Video 3

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Origami Video 4

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Science - Keeping a Potato Hot
We have planned a science project about how we can keep a jacket potato hot on a trip up a mountain. We planned our investigation and used Log Boxes to record how much the temperature dropped over time. We found out that the tin foil was the best thermal insulator.
Welsh National Opera
We have a weekly session with Welsh National Opera. The activities involve combining singing and drama. The children show off all their skills during this session.
R.E. - How should I Live My Life
Our R.E. topic has lead us to think about about just and unjust laws. We have looked at the life of Martin Luther King Jr., who revolted against unjust laws. We created a google form that quiz about just and unjust laws.
Measuring in cm, m and km
We are using 1 metre sticks and tape measures. We are developing these skills by converting cm to m and m to km. This lead to a game using bean bags where we estimated how far we have thrown the bag and then checking our estimate with a tape measure.
Christmas Decoration Enterprise Project

We have started a rich task project after a task set by the PTA. We are creating wood decoration using a wide range of skills. We have:


-Come up with designs

-Market research the designs

-Create a final design

-Drill and cut pieces of wood

-Advertise our design

-Assess and review our final product


Have a look at all of the images below!

Christmas Decoration Adverts
Our Christmas decorations are made but we need to advertise them. We have created our own adverts using our best oracy skills.

Advert 1

Still image for this video

Advert 2

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Advert 3

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Play Scripts
We’re back in 2020 and we’re looking at play scripts. We have looked at Matilda and used puppet pals to create our own shows. We are using the stage directions to ensure that we are learning about the different features of the genre.
Visit to Cardiff Museum

Blwyddyn 4 visited Cardiff Museum. We met Carla there who taught us to read landscape art. We saw Dippy while we were there too.