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Hug Day


On Friday 16th May Miss Allen and Miss Newing who runs the choir took them over to the Regency Care home to perform a few songs for those who live there. There are 3 small video clips of the children singing below too (Just click on the TV's.) The year 6's who normally come to choir were doing their exams so whilst depleted from its normal numbers the choir made up for it with enthusiasm.

The event was a HUG day which was one of the many events organised by Hallmark health care who run the Regency. The idea is simple enough building links between the community and encouraging friends and relations to visit and give their loved ones a good old fashioned Welsh 'cwtch', you cannot beat it for raising your spirits.

It is a sadness and a weakness that in today's culture we all too often do not value and care for vulnerable members of our own family let alone wider society. Yet they have so much to offer, and many of the children's fondest memories are of time spent with an elderly relation.

It costs nothing to give someone a little cuddle but it can mean so much.Many of the residents said that they recognised the pupils from their performance at Christmas. As you can see from the snapshots the children were not exactly shy and everyone joined in for a hug and even the occasional kiss too.

It was a shame that the weather had turned a little chilly but most of the residents had managed to enjoy the weather earlier and had a barbeque in the garden. They were wrapped up warm and more inclined for an afternoons kip than going back outside to see the lambs and lovely themed props again.

As you can see we the care home had made a big effort to make the day special for the residents and the guests. They had a rodeo theme there were lots of props scattered all over the garden and the staff dressed up as cowboy and cowgirls.

One of the ladies who used to work at the Regency runs a small farm and brought along two newborn lambs ( well 2 and 3 weeks old). As you can imagine they got more than there fair share of hugs from the children and other guests.

Can you spot 'Millie Banks' our school mascot in the photos?

The staff were all very kind too and gave the choir popcorn and squash. The manager of the home went in the stocks so her colleagues could throw wet sponges at her (I am sure it will have no impact at all on the staff assessments) But it does demonstrate that every took part and the sense of fun that typified the whole day.

You could tell that a lot of hard work had gone into organising it, it was a shame the weather was a bit fickle but everyone had a great day. So a huge thank you to the staff at the Regency for their hard work and kindness, and to the many residents too who joined in and made the choir feel so welcome. Another Thank you to our lovely Miss Newing who gave up so much of her time to work with the choir (in the morning she had to give her class assemblytoo!! So saying she was busy was a bit of an understatement)

You can see when we visited the Regency at Christmas 2007 in Sept 2006for their first Hug Day, in 20042003 or 2002.

Just Can't Wait to be King

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