Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Year 6

National Tests.


Year 6 will be taking their National Tests on the following days:

Wednesday 3rd May - Reading

Friday 5th May - Mathematical Reasoning

Monday 8th May - Mathematical Procedure


Please ensure that children are in school by 8:55 am on those days.

Rubicon Dance Performance

Year Six have been working with Rubicon Dance Group this term in PE sessions.  Their hard work culminated in a performance at St David's Hall on Wednesday 29th March.  The children thrilled the audience of 1400 people with their dance of "Friends - life in school". We plan to film a version of this to show in our leavers' assembly in July.


Da iawn to all who took part.

Football Tournament

The Bard.

Congratulations to Olivia who won the Bard writing competition. Olivia chose her best poem about Wales and used the pseudonym "Pink Sunset".


We enjoyed writing about Welsh myths and legends and what it is to be Welsh! We continued the long tradition of celebrating St David's Day through art and literacy. 

27th January 2017.  We've been learning lots of different ways to multiply large numbers.  Whilst celebrating Chinese New Year, we looked at a method which is taught there.  We like it very much!!



Science - January 2017


We have been learning about forces in Year 6.  This week the children have been investigating friction and its uses.  We have designed an investigation to find the best material to make a bowling alley from.


Every week we have music lessons.  We have enjoyed using the African drums.






We enjoyed taking part in the football tournament in November.  The teams worked brilliantly to support each other and we were very proud of our success.

We spent the morning session at Boulders to learn about health and safety - but we couldn't leave without having a go on the climbing wall!