Millbank Primary School

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Welcome to our wonderful Nursery. Here is our Autumn newsletter. We cant wait to start the year.

If you would like your child to have fruit daily with their milk, please pay

£1 every Monday.


Please put all money in an envelope/ bag/wrap in paper

with your child's name clearly written on the front.

We will send a reminder if you forget to pay.

If we do not have payment for 2 weeks we will presume that you do not want your child to have fruit.


Please can your child bring a pair of wellies to leave in Nursery for wet rainy days and our adventures outside

Nursery Timessmiley


Morning Nursery


9.00 am - 11.25 am


Afternoon Nursery 


12.25 pm - 3.50 pm

We are having so much fun

in Nursery.

Owl Babies

by Martin Waddell

Here are some of the lovely things we learnt and did

 using this amazing book.

We are super Doctors in our

'Millbank Medical Centre'

Making Patterns in Nursery


Recycling in Nursery

We have super recycling powers 

We are learning our numbers

using flying scarves.

Start at the top and down we run 1 1 1

Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll

Some of our fun activities this week.

Back in time !



  How we get to school.

Diwali Celebrations 

Remembrance  Day indecision

Anti-bullying week heart

We held teddy and said what makes a good friend. We then gave each other a special friendship hug.

We looked at ' Keep your hands to yourself' it told us about how to be kind to others and play nicely.

We also made a heart heart for our friends to let them know how special they are.

Children in Need Day.

We danced, sang, played games and found out why we have this special day. To help all the children not so lucky as ourselves.