Millbank Primary School

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* Safer Internet Day

The Ambassadors gave a short presentation to the parents to mark SAFER INTERNET DAY, showing parents the two short films and the"Think u know" and Kid-Smartwebsites.

Importantly the Ambassadors listened to the parents that came, so that they could act on any suggestions or provide them with any information that was requested.

Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday the 8th but because the coffee mornings attract parents anyway, it was suggested to do the short presentation then. We did try and get an interview with someone atCEOPS ahead of again this year but again no one was available to help the children with their work.

The school had asked PC Julia to talk to the children about Internet Safety after Miss Allen asked in Assembly how many children used Facebook or Bebo. The 'Information Highway' is a bit like any road use it safely and carefully and it can take you amazing places. The school uses Safer Internet Day as a way to inform parents:-

Advice for parents about Facebook from an American website but it is a very good booklet, the details on privacy settings are on this page.

Advice for parents on online gaming from There is not a lot of resources there yet but hopefully they will grow.

As last year the parents who came to these type of meetings are the type that take a keen interest in their child's wellbeing and to a big extent 'it is preaching to the converted'. But we would like to say a big thank you to those that did come along and who gave feedback to the Ambassadors it did help them.

Also a big thank you to those that bought a bacon buttie for our Kenyan School Dinners Food. The Ambassadors raised another £10 - every bit helps! And of course we all had some lovely fresh Fairtrade Coffee to drink too