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Welcome to

Millbank Nursery 2018

Please have a look at the power point from our Nursery meeting.


Nursery Times

Morning Nursery

8.55am - 11.25am


Afternoon Nursery

12.25pm - 2.55pm

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Fruit Money

If you would like your child to have fruit daily  (toast on a Friday) with their milk, please pay

£1 every Monday.

Please put all money in an envelope/ bag/wrap in paper

with your child's name clearly written on the front.

We will send a reminder if you forget to pay.

If we do not have payment for 2 weeks we will presume that you do not want your child to have fruit.

Please can your child bring a pair of wellies to leave in Nursery for wet rainy days and our adventures outside.

As we create new learning areas we will add more pictures for you to see

Numbers numbers on the line, don't you know you look so fine, Hey Numbers


Here is how we form the number 1


Still image for this video

Number 2


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Number 3

Number 3

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Number 4


Still image for this video

Number 5


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As we learn new letter sounds we will put the sounds and rhymes here on the website for you to help your child at home.

I'ts time to Rhyme/Pori drwy stori

We have had so much fun with our new home/school language programme. We enjoy sharing what we have done at home with our friends in school.

Week 1-Five little ducks

Week 2-Teddy bear teddy bear turn around

Teddy AM.MOV

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Teddy bear PM.MOV

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Week 3- Old McDonald had a farm

Old MacDonald Had A Farm (2018) | Nursery Rhymes | Super Simple Songs

🐷 🐄🐮👩‍🌾 🎶Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm he had a pig. E-I-E-I-O. With an oink oink here. And an oink oink there.🎶Learn to make animals sounds with this fun and classic nursery rhyme from Super Simple Songs, Old MacDonald Had A Farm!

Week 4- Little Miss Muffet

We hope you enjoy your dinosaur book over the next couple of weeks

Summer Term

May 2019

We have been learning the 'n' sound

Around and around and around we go.........ZERO

We have been revising our 2D shapes, circle, square, rectangle, triangle and colours in welsh.

coch, melyn, glas, pinc.

Planting Workshop at Pugh's Garden Centre

Let's get ready for Sports Day

Spring Term 2019

January 2019

This week we have been learning to recognise and write the 'a' sound.

We have been learning to recognise and write the number 3         

Around the tree, around the tree,  3 3 3

Look at our lovely snakes we made when we were learning to recognise and form the 's' sound.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

February 2019

We have been practising our scissors skills.

Scissor Skills | SCHOOL READINESS | How to teach your child to use scissors correctly

Is your child having trouble with cutting and managing scissors? Here are some tips and activities to help them learn correct scissor skills. Facebook, Twitter, Insta: @TheVirtualT

We have been learning to recognise and form the 'd' sound

We had lots of activities to celebrate

Chinese New Year

We have been learning about how to stay safe when we use the internet

We had a fun time  using scarves doing our 'Digit Dance'

Welsh Splash Day

We have been revisiting

Pwy wyt ti? and learning to ask and answer Syt wyt ti?

March 2019

We love to celebrate St. David's Day

We have been working hard to recognise and write the letter t

t for trucks

We have been learning to recognise, write and count out 4

 i for insect

We have been busy learning to recognise and form the number 5. We also like singing 5 little ducks.

We love doing P.E. in the outdoor area

Our Eco topic is under way in the Nursery. We have been investigating what we can make from an empty crisp packet (reduce, reuse, recycle) 

Look at some of our ideas

We have been learning about what crisps are made from and how they are made.

We have been making keyrings, necklaces,

jojo bows, bow ties and super recycler wrist bands, all from crisp packets.

Jo Jo bows and bow ties

Our Super Recycler wrist bands

We hope you enjoyed the Nursery display of all the things we did for Eco Expo fortnight.

Your donations for the items the children made are very much appreciated and will buy some handy litter pickers for our summer activities.


Still image for this video

April 2019

Easter Bonnets

Autumn Term



Welcome to all our new boys and girls in the Nursery class

October 2018

Owl Babies

We have been doing lots of work on the book

"Owl Babies"

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

Take a look at the "Owl Babies" story

Ordering owls by size

Reading the story

Making owl homes

We have been ordering elephants by size

We had a special Welsh day to celebrate our language and culture



November 2018

Writing our names

Anti Bullying Week

We have been learning to use kind hands and kind words in the Nursery

We have had lots of fun activities to help us learn to name the parts of the body.


We hope you all enjoyed our Christmas concert

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel.

We were all so excited to visit Santa at Cefn Mably Farm Park.