Millbank Primary School

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Welsh Cakes

Every year we try and celebrate St Dwynwen’s Day as part of our cultural heritage, as a school we like it as it focuses on friendship and general love rather than St Valentines day. This is why we naturally link it with Fairtrade as that is about caring for people and indeed the planet.

Healthy living is also something we encourage, it’s not about not eating sugar and fat, it is about being aware of the levels that we do consume and how easy it is to reduce the amounts by making simple changes. Instead of sugar you could use a granulated sweetener in the mix, and get used to tapping off the sugar dusted on the cakes. We encourage the children to follow the recipe and to think about how they can make changes to make it better for them, adding different fruit etc.

It is of course good practice to get your child reading the recipe and weighing out the ingredients. Once they have made a cake and tidied up get them to draw the recipe, or make a list of the things they needed. So have a go at home they love cooking and tell us how they got on.