Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Ellie Simmonds

On Wednesday 9th June ahead of Green Britain Day 2010 we were all thrilled to receive a visit from Double Beijing gold medallist and 'sports personality' Ellie Simmonds. Ellie was visiting to promote the environmental work at the school and is a fabulous inspiration to the children showing what can be achieved if you put in the effort. Of course both the medals were won when she was just 13 not much older than our children.

Many of the pupils recognised Ellie from many of the TV shows she has been on, recently she was in the news after she set another new World record at the Paralympic World Cup in Manchester in May.

Ellie often says "Every time I get into the water I just try my best." Of course our school motto is "only our best is good enough" just imagine if we all applied our skills and talents in the same way that Ellie has

The day started off when parents and even the postman were invited to write a simple pledge on the floor in chalk and on the Green Britain Flag. Ellie met green gang who showed her the work they have been doing in the gardens, with the bughouses and ponds encouraging biodiversity. She planted abird feeder in the infant garden and them we went into the Hall to meet the whole school for a Question & Answer session.

After that Ellie came out and made a milk bottle pig planter with Green Gang You can see the first GREEN BRITAIN DAY CELEBRATION that took place in 2009. You can see Ellie in the local Newspaper the Echo here on the BBC and here