Millbank Primary School

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Tree O'Clock

On Saturday 5th December 2009 at 11 am people across the world took part in a record breaking attempt to plant as many trees as possible. Of course so did Millie in our school too.

In our newsletter we have been trying to encourage the children to take part at home especially as our local Homebase was giving away saplings for free to families! Luckily the rain stopped long enough for us to plant 20 trees.

All the children had raised £25 to buy a tree for the Garden by raffelling off the cinema tickets (kindly donated by Vue Cinema after we visited as part of National Film week.) All the children voted in assembly on what type of tree they wanted.


The teachers suggested a nice fruit tree like a plum, pear or cherry tree, maybe a mighty oak or something exotic like a palm tree but in the end nearly all the children voted for a Christmas tree!


We used the children's money to buy a tree from our local Homebase store a Norwegian Spruce. Our school Ambassadors had suggested that we plant a total of twenty trees to celebrate the twenty years of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Green Gang have been doing lots of work on Carbon footprints and reducing carbon emissions so they were keen to plant as many as they could too. Gardening Club had a donation of sapplings to plant as well and it was decided to plant 20 trees within the hour!

Sadly apart form Millie our volunteers were all very camera shy but we thank them anyway. You can find out more about BBC's breathing spaces and the 'TREE O'CLOCK' project here.