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Nursery newsletter Summer term

Parents Meetings

Easter Bonnet Parade

Parents Information

Our lovely Nursery children 2015-2016

We are very excited that new friends have joined us in the nursery this week.

A very big welcome to the children who have joined the Nursery class this week.

Our end of year


Our end of Nursery


Our School trip to

Wiggley Farm

We had a lovely time when we went for a summer walk to Trelai park

SHSHSHSH, we saw Tinkerbelle!!!

Our tiny caterpillars grew into beautiful butterflies and we were able to release them

Sports Day

We had lots of fun on Sports Day, and our families came to support us.

u u u for umbrella

We have been learning the 'c' and 'k' sounds, now we are putting the 2 sounds together to make a single sound.

It has been very exciting to watch our caterpillars growing so quickly this week.

We have been having lots of fun practising for our sports Day!!

We have been learning about our daily routines and putting the events of the day in order.

Making Music

We had visits from Asda and Specsavers, we are learning all about keeping healthy.

Sequencing the life cycle of a butterfly.

Our delicious fruit kebabs.

Look out for our pictures next week. We will be practising repeating patterns while making fruit kebabs. YUM!!
Next week we will be learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, why not take a look at the video we will be watching.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

You will learn about "Life Cycle of a Butterfly" in this video. A butterfly lays eggs on the leaves of a plant. These eggs hatch and young ones called larvae or caterpillars come out of the eggs. The caterpillar starts feeding on the leaves and starts to grow.

The toothbrushing lady came to visit this week and we talked about how to keep our teeth healthy. We have been doing some super follow up writing and activities in class.

Use a QR CODE reader app on your devise to scan these codes and watch our toothbrushing videos.

This week we have been learning how to form the letter 'p' correctly, please have a go at home.

P.E. This week we have been doing 'Animal actions'. Yawning like a hippo, standing like a flamingo, digging like a mole, gnawing like a beaver and wiggling like a worm.

This week we are learning the 'o' sound.

This week we have been learning about the parts of a flower.

We have also been planting Gladioli bulbs. When they start to grow we will bring them home and they will need to be planted into a bigger pot or somewhere sunny in the garden.

We have used glue and glitter to decorate our letter 'g'

We have been practising forming the letter 'g' correctly
We are learning the 'g' sound

This week our special letter is 'n', why not have a practise at home.

We have been planting seeds and learning about how to help them grow

This week we have a new exciting role play area 'in my secret garden' and lots of wonderful things to discover in our tuff spot insect garden.

Easter Bonnets


The children had a lovely time showing their Easter Bonnets to their friends.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Easter Holidays - Activities

If you have some time on your hands over the Easter holidays, please have a go at these activities with your child.

Writing their name

Colouring in some simple pictures

Practising with a scissors

Investigating the signs of spring/summer


This week we will be revising the letter sounds we have learnt so far.

        m   a   s   d   t   i

Please go over these sounds at home in the Easter holidays.

Next week our special letter will be 'i'

We have been learning the number 4. Why not have a go at home

This week we have been learning the letter t

We have been learning and taking part in activities for Fairtrade fortnight.

We made little crispie cakes with fairtrade chocolate

St David's Day

This week has been "Welsh Week" and we have been doing many interesting things.

We have designed and made our own flags.

We have been learning how to ask "Sut wyt ti?" and how to answer : "Hapus ydw i ", "Trist ydw i" or "Wedi blino". Fflic and Fflac our welsh speaking puppets have been helping us! We have also been learning a new welsh song, Mr hapus ydw i.