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* Fairtrade Cotton

We have all learnt a bit about FAIRTRADE over the years at Millbank but on Friday 14th Jan Miss Allen told us all about the importance of Fairtrade Cotton.

An article in the Observer in 2008 tells us that "an estimated 2.7m children work across the country, the majority in agriculture, with more than 1m hired each year for the cotton harvest, during which they work long hours in 40C heat. Increasingly, though, there is no school time in between. In a recent UNICEF survey, nearly all children asked reported beatings by foremen in the fields." Some of those children were younger than 7

By buying Fairtrade cotton the workers get more money so the children need not be forced to work to feed the family they can get on in school, and even afford medical care and healthier food.

Miss Allen told us that she had requested some cotton flags which we are going to decorate as part of a record breaking attempt to make the world's largest bunting. When we each have decorated the bunting it will be sewn together with others from schools and organisations from around the world- how fantastic is that!

Like all Fairtrade products they are not expensive a pack of Fairtrade Cotton plain polo shirts that you wear for school uniform cost £5 for two! whilst a "3 Pack - Girls' Stain-Away™ Polo Shirts in Pure Fairtrade Cotton" from M&S will cost between just £7 to £13 depending on the size