Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

The 2009 Respect Tour

At the start of Anti-bullying week on Monday 16th November Members of the School Council & School Ambassadors visited the Respect Tour bus when it stopped at the lovely Miskin Manor Hotel near Llantrisant.

The first activity was a performance from a company called 'Diverse Arts' about a boy called Jay and how he let himself get bullied by a boy called Bruce. His friend Jo had always stood up for him - ironically by bullying and name calling Bruce (Bullies are often bullied themselves). But Jo moved away, so not only did he lose his best friend he lost his support and found himself being increasingly bullied. It started off small but it soon built up. In the end he told someone -his mum- who helped him work through it.


"The message was if you are being bullied tell someone you can trust, friends parents or teacher otherwise the bully will think he can keep getting away with it"


After the play we were split into three groups to try two workshops each.


"The activity I started was to decide what we thought bullying was, then we looked at some photos of celebrities and had to guess which was a bully and which was bullied. After the session we had a little break there was some orange juice and home made cookies, I do not like orange juice but would have liked some water another workshop was with a group called Bullies out. We talked about bullying then painted our own 'Courage hands.' They are used when you are feeling lonely when being bullied so you always have a hand to hold.

I met a new friend called Eve at the conference, I learnt a lot and I had a great time."


"The workshops were really good and interesting. But I would have liked them to last longer also I did not get to go to the session with Bullies out to paint the 'Courage hands' like everyone else did."


"We were sad that some schools did not turn up as it was a waste, we could have brought all of our class they would have enjoyed it. "


We arrived nice and early for a 9:30 start so took lots of pictures and explored the Hotel. The staff at Miskin Hotel were very kind and considerate and even told us where were the nice places to photograph were. We would liked to have gone outside and looked at the helicopter but it started raining. We all had a go at using the camera and taking photographs of each other and our school mascot Millie. In the afternoon the High Schools arrived for their sessions so we went back to Millbank to write up our notes on the day.


We have been doing lots in school this week about Cyberbullying and you can see our tips in the weekly newsletter