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* Human Rights

Learning about Human Rights, not just children's Human Rights, is something we try and encourage at Millbank, it is of course part of being a Rights Respecting School. Two of the children volunteered to give up their own time lunch hour to visit the British Institute of Human Rights 'HUMAN RIGHTS TOUR' when it visited Cardiff County Hall at the start of term on 17th Sept 2012.

The children prepared some questions for Stephen Bowen, who is the Director of the British Institute of Human Rights. He too, kindly gave up some of his lunch hour to answer the children's questions.


1. Do you think the Paralympics will affect attitude to people with disabilities and to them realising their Rights? I certainly hope it will. When talking to people with disabilities they often say that the biggest problem they face is the attitude of other people.

3. Do you think Rights have responsibilities? 
Human Rights carry responsibility with them, we cannot have our rights unless other respect them

4. What is your favourite Human Rights and Why?
They are all equally important; it would be naughty of me to have a favourite.

5.What is the strangest myth about Human Rights that you have heard?

6.Do you use the new Human Rights Logo launched on Human Rights day last year?
We used the balloon logos that was used to promote Human Rights Day last year and put a big page in the Times with them.

7. What can we do to learn about Human Rights?
The most important document is the UDHR which stands for The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and there is a special young peoples version.

You can find out more from the Equality and Human Rights Commission page on Human Rights and theirDignity Drive page which is an engaging way of showing how Rights affect you.

8. If you could add or change a Human Right what would it be and why?
I would like there to be a Right to take care of the environment. We all have to look after our planet

9. Do you think adults should have a Right to physically punish their own children?
No I do not..... what do you think? Ans No

10. Are Human Rights anti-British? 
Certainly not, Human Rights are very British. Some of the very first Human Rights legislation was made here in Britain. The Magna Carta or “Great Charter,” was signed by King John in 1215 limited the power of government over its citizens.

Winston Churchill was very active even before the war ended to get a Charter of Human Rights

Just 10 days later our own Prime Minister David Cameron was asked what ' Magna Carta' meant on the Jerry Springer Show whilst visiting the New York to give a speech at the United Nations.

11. Should everyone have Human Rights, even people in prison? Who should decide who has rights or not?
The most important issue is that everyone has Human Rights. When you put people in prison to punish them it does not mean you can take away their rights.

12. Do we need a Bill of Rights? What do you think about the Commission on the Bill of Rights consultation? We are going to try and have a go at completing it (end of month)
This is a very complicated question. Human Rights need to be enforced by law, but governments do not like being told what to do. So some politicians are being quite naughty and playing a game of politics with Human Rights. I would normally be very supportive of something like the Bill of Rights but taking away Human Rights would be a bad thing.

13. Part of Article 29 of the UNCRC says that “Education of the child should... [develop] respect for human rights” after 21 years do you think that happens?
I think it is starting to happen. If more and more people would learn about Human Rights then it would make the world a better place for all of us,

14. Do you think everyone should learn about Human Rights? Yes, I think it is very important that people know they have Rights and understand what they mean.

15. How does the BIHR work with others?
Well we are here today to work with lots of people in Wales on promoting Rights and in Thursday we are in Turo, then Inverness... we are going all over the UK to talk and listen to people.

16. If you had 3 magic wishes, one for the world, one for Human Rights and one for you as an individual what would they be?

~ For the world, I would like to end poverty
~ For Human Rights, I would like everyone to know their Rights so that they can all achieve them.
~ For me, I’d like to always remain hopeful.

17. Have you had chance to explore Cardiff? What’s your favourite part?
I have not had chance today, we are so busy. But I have been here before and I like all of it

18. We are having our school council elections today, do you have any advice for the children who get elected to represent their class?
Listen, it is really important to listen to the rest of your class, it is a very important skill.

19. What message would you like us to take back to school?
That Human Rights are important and that everyone should learn more about them to make the world a better place.