Millbank Primary School

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* Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is always a very important day for the school and we try hard to have fun and raise funds for those less fortunate than ourselves.

We sold the red noses, wristbands and socks to raise funds for the Red Nose Day 2011 appeal. There had been several programmes showing how celebrities would manage in Kibera an area of Nairobi not far from the AMAF school. Whilst the program showed the terrible hardships that people had to endure, it showed the dignity and kindness of the people who lived there. They were not asking for handouts but the basic infrastructures like water, drains and toilets that we take for granted in this country.

The School Councils at Millbank -and our neighbouring school Trelai- decided to hold the sponsored events to raise money for the water tank at the AMAF school in Nairobi. It was fantastic to see every penny raised going straight into helping our friends in Kenya. You can see the thank you letter here. and some photos of the children at the AMAF school with the water tank here.

We talk a lot about the UNCRC andChildren's Rights and have seem how across the world schools and the education they provide are seen as the ways to make a better life and make the world a better place. A water tank at the AMAF school will mean that water is available for cooking and washing when it is needed rather than having to stop lessons to collect it and store it when the tap is switched on once a week. Well done to everyone who took part and made that difference.

Like the UNICEF day for change the important thing is to get the children to come up with the fund raising ideas. They had a fairtrade cake sale, nail art and decoration stall, netball match and the dressing up competition. As you can see everyone took part including the staff and there were some really creative costumes being worn. There were prizes given out during assembly, but we think you are all brilliant!

Whilst we have lots of fun and learn lots about being a good citizen and a caring person. That all has to be in addition to the normal work of a school, so after assembly and break we get on with our lessons as normal.

Lots of pupils and their families were also involved in other fund raising activities for Red Nose Day, so we say a big well done tothem. We also say thank you to all the families who worked so hard creating these clever costumes and making such nice cakes for the children to sell. We all had lots of fun, we learnt a great deal and we have helped lots of people too.

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