Millbank Primary School

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Spookey Fun Day

Last year's SPOOKEY FUN DAY was such a sucess that they decided to organise another one

As you can see most of the children and staff took part and were keen to show off their costumes. The juniors were really good in restraining some of their more horrific props as the idea was fun, and they did not want to scare the infants. As ever it was only screams of laughter that could be heard

On Wednesdays the infants normally work together on group activities throughout the classes and today was no exception with children taking turns to, bake and decorate cookies, make spider hand prints, colour in spookey drawings or used collage and have agreat time

Earlier on in the day the infants had harvested the pumpkin from our garden and carved a face in it!

Everyone really enjoyed the disco in the afternoon, so many thanks to all the parents who came in to help.