Millbank Primary School

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Year 5

Thank you to Mrs Goodman for teaching us a valuable lesson today; CPR, how to save somebody who is choking and putting people in the recovery position.

Pizza Express visit. Our science topic was changing materials, we investigated reversible/irreversible changes and making solutions. During our visit to Pizza Express we made irreversible changes to dough and cheese...........we also got to eat our pizza's!

Who fancies cake? Somebody has been busy in ELSA!

THIS IS WALES - art inspired by the Welsh Artist Rhiannon Roberts

Year 5 enjoyed investigating making solutions

Using Pic Collage to display Fab Facts about Mt Everest!!!

We made Chinese Tangrams to celebrate the Chinese New year

Week beginning Monday January 30th

Tuesday January 31

Today we talked as a group to make our own unique chocolate bar.Our lovely school council will be picking the best design and taste.we will be making are chocolate bar to taste for are selfs and we all hope we will enjoy are own chocolate.we hope are chocolate will be suitible for our school to have a taste.we will be considering the ingredients towards the chocolate bar because some children could have alegies.



Falling Fields

Welcome back to Millbank and welcome to Year 5. We hope that you have all enjoyed the Summer holidays and the children are ready for a busy half term full of exciting activities. 

This year Year 5 will be taught by Ms C Francis (Deputy Headteacher) in the morning supported by Miss Griffin and Mrs C Brown (ALNCo) in the afternoon supported by Miss Hargadon.

Our context for learning for this term is ‘Falling Fields’ This context is based on World War 1 and covers a wide range of areas of learning and will be very interesting and enjoyable for the children.


Ms Francis will be teaching Literacy and Numeracy in the mornings and Mrs Brown will be teaching Context, PE  and Welsh in the afternoon.




We will be covering a wide range of Genre’s. Our Class read will be   Warhorse, this is a novel set during World War 1 . We will write a biography  about Michael Morpurgo,  newspaper reports about the battle of the Somme. We will be reading and writing letters home from the trenches. We will ne reading poetry by Wilfred Owen and writing our own. We’ll also be studying famous WW1 poetry, and looking at letters, diaries, recounts, and other non-fiction documents from the time



Along with Big Maths and Problem solving we will be demonstrating our Mathematical skills in our Context work.

We will be covering the following topics…..


Data handling—looking at war deaths on the Somme

Averages – Age of soldiers

Area perimeter – Battlefields

Conversions – Imperial to Metric

Time –Word problems


Map reading

Ratio, Percentages Fractions


During the maths lessons we will be revisiting calculations, problem solving and place value. We will be working with decimals, percentages and their equivalent fractions. We will learn about ratios & proportions and the Geometry: properties of shapes.



The Welsh National Opera will be working with Years 4 & 5 every Wednesday morning. Please keep an eye out in the newsletter to see what they get up to.



WE will be exploring tone and texture, lies and patterns by drawing and painting Poppy Fields, studying Trench Art and looking at the artistic style of Welsh artist Frank Brangwyn.



We will be finding out more about the significance of war memorials to the local community. We will research the use of agricultural land

WW1 children collected fruit (blackberries) and other nuts for the war  effort. 



Physical Education


PLEASE BRING A P.E. KIT INTO SCHOOL ON A WEDNESDAY AND A FRIDAY. Please remember that PE is a legal requirement and we must have a note with a medical reason for your child not to take part.

This term we will learning rugby skills and developing our footballs skills further.



We will be using a variety of skills during the afternoons whilst learning about WW1.

We are planning to create a timeline of event  and learn about the key historic figures. We will look at the historic events especially the Battle of Somme. We will investigate the long-term impact the war had on the people of Wales and  what life was like for the soldiers in the trenches. 

Geography— We will be looking at maps of Europe and how the countries changed after the war.


We will be investigating forces. As a class we will plan and carry out investigation and use apparatus and equipment correctly. 




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