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Best of Friends

Well done to all those that took part in the TV show "Best of Friends" that was on at 4:30 on Tuesday 5th February on BBC1. Everyone who saw it was impressed with the children and indeed this area of Cardiff around the school. There were some nice shots of Victoria Park, The Racecourse, Fairwater Dry Ski Slope and of course the school itself.

For those who do not know the show itself involves 5 friends having to undertake a series of 'Treats or Tasks' given to them by presenters Rani and Abs. The first task was balloon bending to make a poodle!


The second task was sorting out the red smarties from a big bowl just by using chopsticks, again they had a minute to practice before they started.

I wonder what happened to those smarties?

Meanwhile two of the group got to go snow boarding at Fairwater -sounds more of a test than a treat, but they really enjoyed themselves.


The third and final test was clog dancing, not only on camera but in front of the whole class at school- how embarrassing but again they had a go and the rest of the class were extremely supportive of their mates.

Sadly the Judge Huw did not think the clog dancing skills were up to much so these two did not get to go to explore the home of the Cardiff Blues or have a kick-around with them. But ironically the Cardiff Blues support rugby development and regularly visit Millbank Primary anyway to encourage the game and train years 5 & 6.

Got to say that they really are lovely children and we are all very proud of them, many thanks to the BBC and Talent TV for giving them such a wonderful experience and such a great time.


Described in the TV Times as "Best of Friends: Series 4 Episode 7 Duration: 25 minutes Rani and Abs present, as five mates from Cardiff put their friendship on the line to tackle three more tough tasks in a bid to experience tantalising treats."


You can visit the BBC website and play 'Trick or Treat'and other games too.

You can see us audition last year on our gallery on the Talent TV page here when Wolfie and Mandy visited and auditioned several groups. We only have 3 pictures but really enjoyed that experience too, they were lovely people.