Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

* Green Britain Day

We do not need much excuse to promote the environment, We started off the year byplanting trees and talking about reducing our Carbon Footprint so what a good way to finish a year promoting recycling and environmentalism than celebrate Green Britain Day on the 10th July.

The adverts on TV said "When everyone looks to London in 2012, wouldn't it be great if they saw that Britain was genuinely leading the world in the race against climate change?" which would be great because most of the work we have done on recycling shows that we are even failing to comply with the minimum standards on many issues and the UK is often regarded as the dirty man of Europe.

We always ask a lot of our pupils because ...well "Only their best is good enough" and their best is very good. But change the climate of a whole planet? That is a tall order but in the assemblies and work of the various clubs and monitors throughout the school the children feel that they can at least make a difference, not just to their communities but to the world.

We made sure that everyone had fun, there were lots of small events throughout the day the staff and children were invited to wear green to mark the event and we had some interesting T-shirts too (Help save more trees give me less homework).We had a special assembly and 'Energy Enforcers' were elected to try and remind us all that we need to switch off lights, turn off idle computers and machinery and save electricity.

Green gang already promotes a lot of environmental ideas over the years and this year we have eaten food we have grown in the garden and encouraged to do so at home. Green gang arrange the composting of waste and recycling in general. They use solar chargers to power up rechargeable batteries at the school rather than throw away ones. We collect rain water to use instead of tap water in the garden and outside.  We also highlighted issues such as the plight of bees in our wheelbarrow project to the children their parents and the wider community.


Everyone parents staff and even the postman was invited to draw a pledge on the floor in chalk to make a difference. Being green can seem a bit tiresome and dull to some adults so we reminded them that many of the eco-friendly messages save them money! some of the more popular messages included:-

  • Re use your carrier bags
  • Walk or cycle to school instead of asking for a lift
  • Turning TV and PC off when not in use
  • Turn of Taps
  • Grown our own food

These are just small steps but together we can make a difference. What will you do?

Huge thank you to Chloe for taking most of these photographs and being such a driving force in Green Gang.


You can see some of what we do on the community garden day page at Glyn Derw.