Millbank Primary School

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* Ducklings

The children take some amazing photos using a banged up old camera with a broken switch and held together by an elastic band. With sketches and notes it is just another tool that they use to help record the growth and changes of the ducklings.

By the time we were ready to go home on there appeared a little hole in two of the eggs and we could hear lots of chirping from the eggs. We were all very excited!

We arrived early next day and found that two of the chicks had already hatched and were clambering over the other eggs and again chirping to them. They looked very exhausted but soon more and more emerged. Mrs Thomas put some of the ducklings into the bigger brooding box which had a special Infra red bulb that gave off enough heat to keep them warm but safe. When they first came out they looked very wet and completely exhausted at cutting a hole and then breaking out from the eggshell.

As with everything we do we try and keep the whole school community involved with many parents and relatives coming in to see them as well as the governors too. We use the weekly parents newsletter with lots of updates and of course all the photos that the children have taken here on the web gallery.

Right are all the photos and details of the chicken eggs that we had in 2009.