Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best


This half term, we are focusing on instruction writing, aiming to write instructions for how to make a musical instrument. We will be thinking about the equipment and resources needed, the layout of our text, and using time connectives, adverbs and imperative verbs to support our writing. 


We will also continue our focus on correct use of tenses and punctuation.


In Welsh, we will continue to support our oracy develoment throughout daily activities in the classroom, and we will also be looking at how to tell the time in Welsh, developing our use of number and sentence structure. We will continue to use our knowledge of tenses in Welsh to support our understanding.


Roed hi'n... (It was)

Mae hi'n... (It is)

Bydd hi'n...(It will be)

Our river poetry-published onto our watercolour art work!