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Christmas Eco Tips

In todays throw away society Christmas has become a time of waste and excess. We buy far more food than we could eat and throw it away. We import plastic novelty gifts no one really wants from around the world and fill bags of waste packaging and wrapping. On average we produce 30% more waste, so what better time to think about how to reduce it.

The whole point is getting the children their families and the whole school community, governors, staff and volunteers to think about how they can make Christmas a little more environmentally friendly. It is not about spoiling the fun, its the exact opposite most of these tips do not just save your planet they save you money too. Money worries over Christmas are one of the biggest causes of stress so these tips should give everyone a Merry Christmas.

The children took some great photos and came up with some smashing ideas and suggestions. Our favourite tip has to be from Jan Tucker at Fairdo's with the loofah for washing up rather than a plastic sponge. It's natural, it's fairtrade (so you know it's sustainable) and after a year when you finished with it it composts. It costs £1.79.

Thank you to everyone who helped the children with their ideas, lets hope we have lots of wonderful New Years resolutions for 2012 for be healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Not just for us, but for the planet.