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Dosbarth 3

Welcome to Year 3 2020 - 2021

This page includes work and other items that the class have been doing throughout this year.

Health and Wellbeing - Exercise Videos

We were set a challenge by Jade Jones, double olympic gold medalist, to help her work out during the pandemic. We decided to create a work out video using the movements we have learned during our own workouts in school. We will be posting all the videos soon.

Board Games

Blwyddyn 3 started a project all about board games during the Summer term. We were learning some key concepts about computer science. We considering that like computer program algorithms our instructions need to be precise so that people can understand how to play our games. We have researched, played and created our own games. We will be adding a website very soon to see all of our board games in action.

Roald Dahl - Biography Documentaries 

Blwyddyn 3 have been on fire with their writing skills. They have used some great sentence starters and engaging sentence types to really get people hooked on their Roald Dahl biographies. We wanted everyone to see these but we thought we would change them into Roald Dahl documentaries to really show off. We have used Adobe Sparks to create these videos and combine text, pictures and audio to create these videos.

Plant Diaries

Blwyddyn 3 are growing sunflower seeds. We're getting the chance to see a plant go from a seed to a fully grown plant. We are making observations daily and we are seeing the plants go from strength to strength. We made our own booklets to track the progress.

Maths Skills - Division and Multiplication

Blwyddyn 3 are pushing themselves with their numeracy skills. We are looking at multiplication and division. We are starting with our base ten equipment to ensure we get a deep understanding of division and multiplication using arrays, pictures and skip counting.

Materials Investigation

Blwyddyn 3 set out to investigate which material is the best to absorb water. We set up our investigation criteria and observe the materials. We found out the best material was the yellow cloth.

Our flag

During the lockdown, Blwyddyn 3 were given the challenge to create the Welsh Flag in the medium of their choosing. We got very creative with our choices. There are some delicious ones on here!

Science - Healthy Teeth - Lockdown

During lockdown, we did a distance experiment that some of even tried in our own homes. We were testing what the effect of different fizzy drinks are on teeth. We had no teeth however we could use egg shells because they are similar to teeth. 

The results were both disgusting and intriguing. A lot of us thought that the shells in the zero drinks and orange juice would be fine however, in some cases, they were just as bad!

Eco-Fortnight - Fair Trade - Lockdown

We have been thinking about the food we eat in our Eco-Fortnight. We have been looking at how far our food has travelled and whether the farmers are being paid fairly no matter where they are. We have even created posters, letters and more!


Check out some of the examples below:

A Christmas Album

With the greatest care, Blwyddyn 3 have made a Christmas album during the last couple of weeks of the Autumn Term. The children sent out a questionnaire to parents to find out what the best songs were and we recorded our versions of them. 

Here are 3 songs that we created. We have all had a CD that we copy and send to all our relatives. Please watch the school performance video to see a performance of Feliz Navidad.

Our Minecraft River Ely Models and River Poetry performances

What a marvellous Autumn 2 term we have had. Our topic on the River Ely has been a great start to looking at the new curriculum and more importantly finding new ways to express and explore the way we present our learning. We have completed some great descriptive poetry and become great explorers both digitally and physically of beautiful world. We have used some great technical language to discuss the River Ely. Make sure you have a look at our Minecraft models and videos that the children put together.

Our River Classroom

Still image for this video
Oh no! A river has formed in our classroom! Well we might as well find out as much as we can!

Poetry Performances

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

A trip to Trelai Park

Blwyddyn 3 went on a sense trip around Trelai park. We took iPads to take photos, note pads to record our thoughts and bodies to feel the world around us. This should lead into some great poetry!