Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Ambassadors' Conference


    On the 25th November we visited a conference in Swansea to meet other Ambassadors from South Wales and learn a bit about our role and what we should be doing this year.

    "We walked into the nice hotel and we had name tags given to us, we had some drinks and went into a conference room where we played a little game called 'People Bingo' and we had to talk to the other ambassadors and find out who liked pizza, who could drive etc."

    Highlight for Album: UNCRC PARTY"Kieth Towler recognised us and our school mascot 'Millie Banks' from the UNCRC celebration last week at the Sennedd."

    "Jamie told us about the Children's Comissioners for Wales website and showed us the special page for Ambassadors and how we could log on an upload photographs etc. Jamie will send our log in details next week."

    "Jess, Ken, Kay, and Sue asked us questions about the Childrens Comissioner to test what we knew. Then we split up into 3 groups and drew an outline on a piece of paper of one of the girls and we had to draw and write Childrens Rights on it."

    "We had a nice lunch of sandwiches and picnic food -we even had chips, which kept running out because everyone wanted some. We sat on a table with our friends."

    "Jess told us all about the 'SPECIAL PROJECT' this was how we would work with the school council to find a project that the children wanted to do to imporve just in your own school. Some children suggested decorating the loos, bike sheds, playground equipment (but Millbank school council has already done all that.)"

    "No CaptionKieth spoke to us at the end. We left at 2pm to get back to school and we had a bag full of goodies like pencils, and frisbies as well as another copy of the UNCRC."

    "We wrote a few lines for our weekly newsletter."