Millbank Primary School

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Science Week

At the start of Science week 2010 we had an assembly from Cardiff Council's Rebecca Arnold who had come in especially to tell us all about the need to conserve energy and how green house gases like CO2 cause global warming.

As we think the world of Mr Angrove he kindly agreed to represent the Earth and Rebbecca added more blankets and layers to represent the layers of CO2 that stop as much heat radiating away into space, the trapped heat causes the planet to warm up. A lot of people still think that Global warming just means that we will have more sunshine and we will not need to go abroad on holiday. For Wales the facts are we will probably get slightly warmer rain but the slight increase in temperature has a big impact on the global weather patterns and especially those people least able to cope with the droughts or rising sea levels that it will cause.

Rebbeca went to each class and asked the children to think about the ways that energy is generated from fossil fuels like coal and how when we switch on a light the electricity needed cause pollution across the planet. Coal may be mined in Canada or Poland before it gets shipped to us in the UK it needs lorries and trains to transport it to and from the ships all of which need energy to work.

You can see when we asked our MP about Global warming and the Countdown to Copenhagen on which we all had such high hopes of working together within the United Nations for the good of us all, instead each country put its own interest first and hope that Global warming will just go away. Green Gang encouraged all the children to take part in the wave and make a blue print of their hand. You can also see when Green Gang visited a solar panel company and learnt about sustainable ways to generate power. Class 4 had helped organise a community competition for solar chargers here and came up with lots of facts about why you should not leave your mobile phone on charge.

Our Energy Enforcers are pictured here and the Eco buttons which shut the PC's down when they are not being used.

Last year we had the first Green Britain day in which each teacher and pupil chalked a pledge to do try and help.