Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Class One

Reception is one of the most important classes in the school. It is so important that the school works in partnership with parents to give their children the best possible education. The school also runs special courses to help parents understand how their children are being taught maths etc.
This is Millie Banks our school mascot. As you can see we are a small class ensuring that we get excellent attention. Our class is also called dosbarth Mari Jones. Our teacher is Miss Clissold whilst Miss Newing is away on maternity leave but we also get help form other members of staff including Miss Hargadon, & Mrs Jones.
You can also see past Class 1's galleries for 2007-8, 2006-7, 2005-6 ,2004-5 , 2003-4 ,2002-3 and even 2001-2.