Millbank Primary School

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Music Through the Ages

We launched our topic of Music Through the Ages by having a class disco with dancing competitions such as musical bumps, and musical quizzes such as name that artist. 

We will be starting our topic by looking at the music of today, then throughout this half term, working our way backwards in time through different eras of music, until eventually finishing with the origins of music. 

We will be listening to lots of music in class and thinking about the different instruments used, and the genres that certain songs fit in to. We will have lots of chances to talk about our favourite songs and why we like them. 


We will be linking Science into this topic, looking at sound and the movement of sound, as well as noise levels, by predicting the decibels of certain instruments, discovering what the loudest instrument is.

In Forest School, we will be using our design skills to make our own instruments out of natural materials, linking  to how the first instruments were made.