Millbank Primary School

Growing Together To Be Our Best

Fitness Club

Fun fitness club is a fun active club coached by Miss Sparkes every Tuesday after school. This term 19 children from ages 7-9 took part.

We are very lucky to have Miss Sparkes to run the club, using her many years of fitness experiences. Miss Hargaddon who coaches our football team helps too.The club is more than just teaching the children a love of fitness it also teaches the children basic anatomy & physiology, giving them practical opportunities to put the science into practice

Prior to each session the lessons are carefully planned and closely monitored to ensure all the activities are suitable for the different age range and abilities. All the games and activities are chosen to ensure all the children are having lots of fun while they are exercising.  

Every lesson starts with a ‘warm up and stretch’ where the children will warm up using all their muscle groups to help improve flexibility and to prevent injuries. The main sessions will vary from athletics to an aerobic session which they will step and move in different directions using music for motivation. The cool down session consist of different exercises to lower their heart rate and stretches are used to allow their muscles to regain their original position.

During the past 10 weeks the children have been taught the core muscle groups this allows the children to expanded their knowledge and understanding of the human body (biology). All the children have been excited to learn new muscle groups and have enjoyed challenging each other to help improve their skills.

Rewards are given if the children have demonstrated good behaviour and skills, which they are given the opportunity to choose their own games to share with the rest of the group.

The Fitness sessions have shown improvements in the children’s confidence and fitness levels. It has also given them the experience of team work which has contributed to the development of their future life skills.

On Monday during assembly all the children were presented with certificates by Miss Sparkes and Miss Allen.  Half of the children received certificates for their 100% attendance. Ruby (yr3) received a special certificate for knowledge and understanding of the core muscle groups.

Due to the enjoyment and the success of the club we hope to continue with the classes in September.