Millbank Primary School

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* Giving a Hand For Fairtrade

We really enjoyed making our GIVE- A- BIG- HAND Banner which which wrapped around the school to raise awareness of FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT.

We held lots of different activities and this one was at all of the different Tasting sessions, Fayres, video conferences and at lunchtimes too.The children had done something similar as part of the WAVE campaign for UNICEF UK last year, and they had really loved doing it.

Pupils, Teachers, Parents, Governors, TA's' Mid-day supervisors, cleaners and visitors all put their hands in the paint and placed it on the banner along with a pledge or message of support about Fairtrade. Even people who could not come made an effort and sent hands to add onto the banner. Germaine from Cardiff Road Safety put a message on, Mr Frost the guitar teacher, The Keep Wales Tidy Team who are very big on Fairtrade sent some lovely colourful hands to stick on (and the equally lovely Linda too!) The local police had a go to.

We were happy that Kevin Brennan our MP and Rhodri Morgan our local AM took part. Rhodri had actually launched the FAIRTRADE SCHOOLS SCHEME in Wales in 2007 when he was First Minister. He was keen that Wales would be the First Fairtrade Nation which it of course achieved in June 2008 ( Cardiff had become the First Fairtrade Capital city in 2004). The idea was that Wales could do its part in helping Third World nations if we all bought more Fairtrade Products. Of course being Rhodri he does not just tell other people to do it he is a very keen supporter of Fairtrade himself and often visits the Fairtrade shop in Canton.

We are always very conscious about "green washing" children, but the reality is that they are extremely enthusiastic about environmental issues and the whole idea of being Fair and FAIRTRADE. The whole idea of a Fairtrade school is rather than 'telling the children' we get the adults and volunteers to 'listen to the children' and that is certainly something we benefit from as we work towards being a Rights Respecting School.

Whilst this event marked the end of Fairtrade Fortnight we are keen to keep the banner going and have lots of plans to keep adding to it. If you know anyone who wants to add their hand to the banner together with a small message of support. Please let the school know and we can arrange it.