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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.

Year 5 Parents' letter: September 2017

The Writing Process

In Year Five we are working hard to develop our writing skills, becoming confident and effective writers who are able to use our creativity to inform and entertain others.



One of the most important aspects of writing is to understand, and use, the writing process.  

So what is it?


What do we want to write?

​​​​​​​What is the overall feeling in the room?

What are the stand out features? - think about size, shape, colour and position.

Then, focus in...

What is on the desk?

Where is it?

What is it doing there?

Then, focus in again...


This plan shouldn't have full sentences. We are looking for short phrases, clauses and key descriptive words.  We can extend them into our sentences during the next stage.

Christmas Cards in the comminity

World War Two Experience - Cardiff Castle

Maths Problem Solving - Jumping Frogs

Year 5 were posed the following problem:


Imagine two red frogs and two blue frogs sitting on lily pads, with a spare lily pad in between them.

Frogs can slide onto adjacent lily pads or  jump over a frog; frogs can't jump over more than one frog.
Can we swap the red frogs with the blue frogs?


This was extended to 3 frogs of each colour.


Children were able to solve in any way they liked. Some drew pictures, some used objects (including their friends) and some wrote instructions.