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*Food Waste

Cardiff was the first city in the UK to introduce food waste collection. The Welsh Assembly Government’s has set a 70% food waste recycling target by 2025.

It is estimated that in the UK we throw away about a third of all food that we buy. We worked so hard to raise money for our friends in Kenya so that they could have a decent mid-day meal and there are many far worse off. The bread and other cereal products thrown away in UK households alone would have been enough to lift 30 million of the world's hungry people out of malnourishment. And of course we collect foodstuffs for the Foodbank which helps tackle the 4 million in the UK who suffer from food poverty. Morally such waste is wrong. The average UK family with children is wasting £680 a year, or £50 a month, we could all think of better tings to spend it on!

Simple Tips to reduce waste include:-

~ Avoid buying 3 for 2 or BOGOF offers, if you are going to throw it away anyway it is not really a saving is it.
~ Plan your meals, make a list of what you need and check your cupboards first.
~ Use your freezer before food starts to go off! 
~ Buy fresh fruit it avoids packaging and you buy the amount you need rather than the amount in the packet.
Lots more on the fantastic Love Food Hate Waste website.

There are two ways of tackling food waste there is a little filmhere explaining it. Cardiff sends our food waste to an 'In vessel composting" facility in Gloucestershire. But there are plans to develop an 'Anaerobic Digester' here in Cardiff too. We do like composting and growing our own food here at Millbank and we all signed our Eco Code agreeing to promote such things. Apart from assemblies for the children we hold lots of community events throughout the year and use our weekly newsletter to keep families involved and up to date too. If you have any ideas please let us know. 

Stopping food waste is of course nothing new and during the WWII there was a 'pig swill' bin at the end of most streets for any food waste. People were all encouraged to grow their own food too.